Rant Alert : Annoying things.....

Today is one of those days where I am watching those teenage Roomispiration, morning/fall routine and all those silly videos on Youtube.( Don't judge me :D ) . Some videos  are about their obsession o.O { I am obsessed with this and that and this.....} 

I have been bit busy from October 20th. First it was Diwali week, then I fell sick and now the girly days are coming near. I feel hungry, lonely, depressed, sad, happy and what not at the same time.  While I am feeling guilty for eating the chocolate at this time, it feels oh so good at the same time!!!. Right now I am annoyed with my own girly emotions.
Speaking of annoying things there are other things I am annoyed of. Let me list out few things or the situation which I find ridiculous.

People honking while train is passing or in Signal. 
Cutting the line when there are 100 people standing. 
Making noise while having food( Seriously.. Keep Ur Sounds to yourself..Arghhh!!!) 
Giving importance to irrelevant people or things. ( Makeup your mind) 
Asking dumb questions ( Eg: Oh have you put on weight?? Or have you lost it?? Or You are just the same.. Oh boi!! As if it does matter to them) 
Confused people( They make , create or whatever blunders) Errrrr........... 
Mindless talks.. ( Oh he said that, she said that.. bla bla...Hey bla bla sounds nice, better than mindless talks) 
Narrow minded freaks ( Tell her to tie her hair!! why Jeans!! Why is he/she talking to her/him??? ) { Mind your own business you idiots!! 
Girls wearing Jeans- Tops with oiled braided hair, Silver anklets and bindis blessed with Snotty attitude -_- ( Oh My eyess... Hurts and bleeds....Ahh Never Mind) 
The one who keeps chewing Bubble gum all the time(  Please!! Bubble gum died.. spit it out) 
People who pretend to be Sweet and dumb ( Not in front of me !! I might slap you) 
The one who is always serious ( Lifeless piece).
This is me today:

This image is from here: Chocolate covered diamonds . One of the blogs I love, which talks about health fitness workout all amazing women stuff. Check it out :)

Well these are things I can think of right now!!... Will update it or post another volume if I remember later. Apologies if you find this post totally random. Just sharing my rants with you all.

Do let me know what annoys you the most :)

Live life to the fullest


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