Look What I found : Review of Deborah Milano Eye Perfect Primer Pencil :D

Since this month I am determined to explore make-up brands. Why you ask?... Because

1. I was extremely Disappointed when my new lipstick looked and fared almost similar to my favourite lipstick from the same brand.

2. I feel there are some brands which gets less attention. It's not like they don't have quality products, umm...maybe less publicity.

3. I was kind of getting bored of buying product looking at the online swatches. Read: No exploring.

So,around 10 days ago, I went near the Deborah Milano counter to check the products. The SA seemed equally clueless about the products as I was..ha ha. They have some unique products. Brow liner, gel eye shadows, ombre  eye-shadow, nude kajal, eye perfect primer. I knew about eye primer since the day Shayoni reviewed it in her blog Sweet and Bitter Blog . Between I love her blog, I discovered her blog around 2.5 years ago and I read some of her posts over and over again :) .

Coming to this primer, I did not find eye primer in the black tube over there, but I found the eye perfect pencil. Maybe the tube is discontinued now. SA did not know that tube existed!! Sigh.The pencil had a white tip and they did not have a tester. Since the tube eyeshadow primer fared well and this said it's transparent I bought the eye primer pencil.

Cost:  595 INR.

This is what I think about the Primer: 

* It's transparent. Yay :)

* In the swatch it kinda comes white, but on lids nothing ghostly like.

* It's not tinted. If you like using tinted eye shadow primer forget this.

* Pops the eye shadow.

* Keeps the eye shadow intact for 6 hours, then the eye shadow started fading.

* I have worn this on bare lids and powdered the lids , my eye lids were oil free for about 4 hours. Then lids were little shiny.

* No irritation to the eyes or on the eyes.

*Comes in the chubby pencil form, the see through cap shuts properly. Travel friendly.

* Affordable. In India drug store lippies cost almost 1k ( about $15-$16 ) :(

* Little goes a long way. I am using this from the 7-8 days, the tip has slanted a little, nothing major.

* While I was taking the pictures, the tip was little soft to touch. So, it melts under the sun or due to heat.

* I have not sharpened it yet, but there will be some product wastage due to it. Plus doesn't come with sharpener.

Look how effectively it pops the eye-shadow, which is poor in pigmentation department.

Will I repurchase: Once I finish this, I will. Even if the company comes out with the primer in lipstick form. He he he.

Will I recommend: Yes, it's an affordable eye shadow primer which does it's work. What else one want.

I am not an eye shadow person at all. The only reason I use eye shadow on the lids, is to control some oilinesses. Since this is working wonderfully for that purpose, it has made my life easy. Overall this eye perfect primer is a win for me.

Ever spotted this product? Have you bought it already? Do you end up with similar shades of lipstick?Do share.

Live life to the fullest.


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