Colorbar Darkened Summer Lipstick Wild Mauve : For that sexy pucker

I cannot enter my room. The hall is covered with dust. I am sitting in between the sofa cushion. And I am having a hard time reaching out for just basic things. The excitement of the home renovation has ended already.  I am just waiting for the moment when everything is done and I am rolling on my bed . Ahh !that relaxing feeling…. ^_^.    Right now the only thing seems to be uplifting my mood is the bright berry lippy I am wearing.

I have always been a berry lipstick kinda person. The lipstick which catches my attention in any range is berry pink purply shade and deep maroon red. Anyhoo, today I am going to review a berry purple lipstick from the Colorbar Darkened summer collection. Since the day I saw the swatches in Lisha's blog Heart Bows And Makeup , I wanted it. Plus this was recommended in the October Cosmopolitan issue that made me want this lipstick even more. But I waited till the November, since one of my favorite berry lipstick from Maybelline was expiring and I wanted to get the most out of it.


I have been using this lippy from the last 7 days nonstop and here's what I think about the lipstick:

- It's named Wild Mauve, but it's deep purple with a little pink touch.
- Lipstick stays for 4 hours with intensity with full meal in between. Then it stays on for another 1-hour or so with fading.
- Moisturization provided by the lipstick is okay. After 3.5 hours my lips felt little dry, just                 transparent balm on top and my pucker was back to normal.
- If you apply the Lipbalm in between, after the full meal, the lipstick fades with the pink tint behind.
- Since I have pigmented lips, I love lipstick which does leave a tint behind.
- No shine, no shimmer. It's matte. Period.
- It might accentuate the dry lips, since its matte. Applying lipbalm before the lipstick application will take care of the it.
- With one swipe it's berry purple with a little bit of pink and with 2 swipes it leans towards deep       purple.
- SA said it is dupe of MAC rebel. I do not own Rebel, so cannot comment on that.
- It's highly pigmented. One swipe is enough to cover the pigmented lips.
- It does not have a colored bottom. SA and I had difficult time locating the entire Summer Darkened collection.
- Sturdy silver metal packaging, which shuts efficiently and is travel friendly.
- Comes with fancy outer cover. I am keeping the cover forever: D .
- My camera could not pick how purple the lipstick is. In reality the lipstick is more purple than pink. Do check it personally in the counter.

1.What my camera thinks the colour is. 2. As a tint 3. The Actual colour

Cost: 475 for 4.25 gms .

Recommendation:  Go grab it if you love Berry purple pink shade. The drying issue can be taken care by lip balm.

Will I repurchase?  
By the time I finish this, I might find another berry lipstick similar to this. I have an eye on another shade in this range; I might buy that as well.

I have ended up with so many similar shades in my stash that now I am on self lipstick ban . I try to buy the lipstick only when the lipstick is expiring. I know it’s difficult, but I felt I was not justifying the lippies. It was like buying the lipstick for the sake of it.

Do you love berry lipsticks? Any purple lipstick lover here? Do share :)

Live Life to the fullest


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