My first haul post....

I was searching for an off-white shirt, a black crop top and a owl printed top since ages. So long that I had almost given up on the search.Last Monday the search finally came to an end.

Black/tan belts are a must for me. Seriously, they match everything. On Sunday I realised that I had abused, over used the black belt I had. So on Monday I went on a hunt for the new one. I saw black belts in Max, Lifestyle and finally liked the pantaloons one.

It is for 500 INR. Had some points in the card, so the bill came up to 340 INR. Not bad eh!! This belt is better than previous black belts I owned. It's strong and manages to keep my jeans in place. Pantloons have this in Coral color a well. Very bright, neon and pretty.

Next stop Westside. The last place I expected to find the crop top for 600 INR. As I said earlier I wanted a Black crop top badly. The golden heart print is bonus. This perks up my black themed printed pants, pallazos, Maxi skirt, black and ripped jeans very Well.

Then I went to Splash just to check the stock. Liked many tops, but I did not buy them. Honestly , I feel some of the tops are overpriced. I mean there was a crop top which doesn't even cover belly button and was priced at 1400 INR :/ . Despite that their Basic range is quite good. They are 100, 200 bucks more than the Lifestyle, westide etc but comfortable than the later ones. When I saw this Owl T-shirt, I just wanted to scream outloud. But I did not. I did squeal a little. ^ _ ^ . This was for 700INR. There was a Grey T-shirt with Ice Lolly printed on it. So cute :) .

I ordered  this Shirt from on 4th October and got it on 7th October. I liked the triangle sleeves of this Shirt as well as the triangle pockets. It's loose and a size bigger than mine. I will be tucking this in , so it's okay. The Koovs brand tops are true to it's size. Keep an eye on their sale sections, there are some great stuff. I paid 445INR , originally priced at 1445INR . The quality of the shirt is good. Loved the crochet details at the collar, sleeves and the triangle pocket.

 Wrote this post and went out. Then this top happened in Lifestyle. It costs INR 800 , used the coupons and got it for 600INR.

I am into this flowy materials, kinda like bohemian chic style. Flowy material and oxidized jewellery catch my fancy a lot. All these are tops are flowy, not the tight fitting ones. Beside this I have bought some new clothes during last week of september, will update that some other time. Just wanted to share my recent purchases. I have ordered some make-up from online. They were on wishlist for so long. To be honest I don't even need them, bought them because they were marked 150, 250 bucks less than their MRP. Couldn't resist :D

So what's your recent purchase? Ordered anything on-line out of necessity ? ;)

Live life to the fullest