First Impression : Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

I keep seeing the press release of  Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter in some blogs. I was like " Hey, I have this". Then it hit me why don't I review this. Product says visible results within 6 weeks. But I have been using this from just 2 and half weeks so I'll be just sharing the First impression of this.

I go to gym 6 days a week. I am slowly turning into Gym rat Lol. Anyhoo, around 6 weeks ago my inch loss stopped, but weight loss continued. Which is not good. Even my trainer was concerned about it. I felt that skin near my thighs where quite loose. Not saggy but not normal. I know I am not good at explaining, but I guess you all understood. I figured out that skin needs some help externally. Started my re-search, ended up with this.

Something about my skin : It needs minimum mosturization. Plus I live in a humid city, so even a teeny bit more lotion/cream results in chipku skin.

First impression:

- There is huge improvement in skin within 2.5 weeks. It does firm the skin.

- The butter is thick liquid. Reviews I read says that the skin will absorb the butter in no time. But I feel the massaging is required. Even the company says so. Best way is to take 2 drops at time and massage it gently specially on thighs, tummy, bust, arms and your bu** too :P .

-  Massaging the butter is time consuming and needs patience. But it's for skin and it's worth it.

-I lost 2 cm in my arms and 1 cm in tummy area. Nothing major but when you are on weight loss journey, it matters. I cant say it is only due to  this butter, but this does help in toning.

- Smells heavenly, like a chocolate factory. Personally I like eating chocolate not smelling like one. Despite that I love the smell. I use it twice, after the shower, before zzzzing. Smell lingers for a long time.

-I think the smell calms and soothes the senses. I was having mild headache in the night, after applying the butter I was able to sleep peacefully.

- Moisturising properties are amazing. Once the skin absorbs the product, skin looks healthy moisturised.

- It Costs 520INR for 315ml. Which is Okay. Looking at the rates these days anything under 500INR or hovering over 500INR is affordable according to me.

- Hygienic packaging. The pump dispenser is effective in controlling the product.

- It's Paraben and Phthalate free. When Sindhu from asked whether the product is paraben free, I realised that I did not mention this point . Thankyou Sindhu. Check her blog out, I promise you , that will read her posts over and over again :)

That's all I think of now. I will do a proper review after 4 weeks. But this product is worth a try. If not toning, firming you will smell heavenly  ( Yummy chocolaty). Now that's something you can't resist. Can you ? :)

Live life to the fullest.


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