This time, you are not getting away.. Uhhh Huun.

So, after the grocery shopping with Mom today, I ran to the Maybelline counter with extra excitement to check out the new Maybelline colorshow lipstick. Since my 6 lippys are expiring almost at the same time, I was excited even more to buy new ones. But the dear SA killed my excitement. She has killed my excitement many times. This time I had it.

 So here it goes:

SA: Yes Mam ! ( I dont know why every SA comes , laughs at you creepily and says Yes mam :| )

Me: I want to check colorshow lipstick.

SA: Here they are .Pointing towards nail-paints.

Me (Patently) : Lipstick. Colorshow. New launch. 27 colours. ( Yes, I uttered the words exactly like that)

SA: Oh! which colour?

Me: I want to check all of them. I'll swatch them.

SA: Which shade? ( Tone was little rude)

Me: New launch right :) Let me check all.

SA dint bother to answer that and turned her attention to other to the lady who came to counter and was picking/buying nail-paints without asking her assistance. SA said : YES MAM. ( :| ). The lady said "Just nail paints, I'll pick on my own" and smiled at me.

Me still waiting patiently. But this time I had it.

SA: Which shade?

Me: Okay, Red shades( In between I checked and all of them were in stock) Link to buy the lipstick here: Maybelline colorshow lipstick .

Then she started swatching the Red shades. Rejected the reds and then I moved onto pinks, then nudes, orange inshort swatched all the colours. { Evil Grin }. Mentally I was making notes of the names.

Once everything was done.

Me: I don't want anything.

SA: Not one colour also.These are just for 300.( With the raised annoyed voice) .

Me: No.

Then just to add fuel to the fire  I moved onto the Colorbar counter and bought some essential, like primer, eyeliner etc. I wanted them; But in November or so. Not now.

Maybelline SA made a face. I don't even know how to describe that. It was like frustrated, irritated umm forget I don't understand women .

Mom was watching all this. At the billing counter she said " You are going to place an order on-line. Aren't you? ". I smirked. Yes by the time I left mall I had already placed an order.

Na, I am not like that all the time. I have insane amount of patience even with people with baddest attitude. I always give a person chance before reflecting their attitude. I even know that SA will not learn anything from this. Sigh.

If any SA's reading this. No,  none of us have problems with you. We understand that you are human and tired because of standing all day. Weekends are busy. But weekdays? The situation is not the same. Isn't it?  Weekends are the time when people get time to come out and relax/ buy. This is how you make the incentive. Please keep your frustration/attitudes to yourself. Nobody cares, nobody has the time. Thankyou.

Thank-you all for reading my rant. Just thought of sharing the experience in case you come across a snobby SA and product is available on-line ;) .

After the purchase when I come out of the shop and ....and I saw something which shocked me. My mouth opened automatically. Saw a girl wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ' Milk available here". I just.. I cant even... - _ - .

Something funny happened yesterday too. My ballerinas which were 2 years old and which I was about to throw were flicked. Bwa ha ha ha ha ah.

Everyone has problems. To be frank nobody cares. Pick yourself up and don't let your problems impact others, your life or your attitude.

Live life to the fullest.