Something I learnt after the blunders and some I observed...


It's been a lot of days since I posted , I blame the Rain for it. I have some ideas which need good pictures, some good swatches. But the rain is spoiling everything. I swear the only time I see the sun is when I am in the gym working out. I see the the sun with dreamy and puppy eyes and then I hear my trainer yelling " Repeat, 15 more push ups ". Sometimes I get a feeling that I am paying my trainer to punish me. Yet it's all worth it. sigh, My life !

The points I am talking about here are make-up related. I know these are some basic points, yet not every girl know this. So here it goes:

Something to catch your fancy ;)

1. While doing Natural make-up, one tends to wear a neutral blush. Like a pale one for the warmth. Read somewhere that use a pink blush while doing the natural make-up. It's okay if you have only Kajal on eyes, wear a pink blush. If you can use cream blush even better. Works for me, try it. It might just change your whole look.

2. Learnt from Heena of Vanity Case Box: Wear blush before the foundation looks natural and stays longer. Thanks a ton Heena. You can visit her blog here: Vanity Case Box . Once you visit her blog you will be hooked trust me.

3. Learn how to tight-line eyes. Lining the space between lashes makes them look denser. Even if you are using coloured liners or going for non makeup look tight-line your eyes.

4. Kajal/Khol smudges?? Common problem. On me even Lakme absolute Kajal smudged, so I have settled with Eyekonic/ Colossal ones. Trick is set the kajal with black shadow to make it stay longer. I use grey eye-shadow sometimes, so it gives the smoky eyes , minus that intensity.

5. If you are a Red lippy lover keep a pale blush handy, something like Maybeline Cheeky blush in Creamy cinnamon. While wearing Red, usually we keep the rest of the face minimal. Pale blushes give the right amount of warmth without interfering with the beauty of Queen red lippy.

6. Try blackened Brown kajal instead of Black kajal. The panda eyes because of Brown kajal is minimal almost negligible compared to the black ones.

7. Do not wear foundation lighter or darker than your skin tone. You will either end up looking like a ghost or burnt.

8. Going for a party, where you will be having amazing greasy food. Do not wear gloss for that extra Pouty shine. Because when you eat, that extra shine will find it's way out of lips. Choose a lippy which stains lightly.

9. Often read/ heard when it comes to budget lippys. " Okay, so its 100 rupee lippy College goers can have many colours bla bla ". But what's the use of 3-4 lipps which stays for an hour. Long staying makeup is applicable for college also. Save money and go for lipstick that stays for longer. Maybelline, colorbar , Faces have choices . Think about it. Applicable for eye-liner as well.

10. Shimmery blush, Shimmery bronzer and highlighter is a Deadly combination for looking like a Disco Ball.

11. Love hoarding lipbalms? Make sure you have them in different colours like pink, coral, orange and red. When you do not have time/place for lipstick touch-up, a swipe of similar coloured tinted lip-balms is enough to give life back to the lips.

12. Nobody can have a Makeup collection in the beginning. Usually starts with kajal, then lip gloss then list goes on. Interest , curiosity
grows so does your Make-up collection.

13. Do not pester others for your foundation or compact powder shades. Read reviews, test in the makeup counters and decide on your own time.

14. Do not keep Mascara for 1 or 2 year. Binn it in 5-6 months. I have seen  a girl using 2 year old mascara. God help her.

15. Fuchsia and Red lippys need lip-liner.

16. Buying backup of your favourite makeup? Wait for 6 months or more. Otherwise, you might end up picking the backup from the same batch which has the same expiration date as the original one.

17. Working out , don't want to be seen with that Naked face? I understand. Tight-line eyes and wear a lipstick, Mascara maybe it's enough trust me. Don't wear foundation, you are going to clog your pores. Have seen a lady wearing foundation everyday to gym as well as getting a pimple everyday. When she will realize, no idea.

 That's it for now. I am sure with the curious mind I have I'll learn some more things from the lovely bloggers and from some of the people around. I'll write another post when that happens. Learn from the mistakes, no point in repeating them in make-up or in anything. I have often heard " Makeup is to make face pretty". No, make-up is to enhance features.  Play with Makeup, don't bury yourself with it.

Live life to the fullest


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