The Best way to Start blogging is by empties Post !!

Yes, my first post :) Well I will write a 'About me' post soon, but first let me take a ..... Ahh no, but first let me start my blog with the empties post. It just happened that all these products got over the same time.

So the products I finished are:

1. Clean and Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub.

Bought it, used it and no visible result in 3 days or even after 1 month lol . But I did used it as a face-wash. It's a mild scrub and the texture is grainy. This scrub did not break me out, cleansed my face and did not dry out my skin. Also, it smells nice.

Will I repurchase ? Nope. These days we discover new scrubs with tall claims every week. I'll buy something else.
Will I recommend? Nope.

2. Ponds BB plus Cream .

This is my second BB cream when I was in collect CC creams, BB creams phase. The BB cream comes in one shade, does brighten the face, gives medium coverage, covers the blemishes, kept my Oily T zone oil free for 2 to 3 hours. I am dusky and it works for me. But I do not think it will work for Dark skin tones. Overall love this, a wash of this BB cream is enough to brighten the face.

Will I repurchase ? Yes.
Will I recommend? If you have fair, medium , dusky skin tone give it a try. It wont disappoint you and wont hut your pocket.

3. Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo 

My hair type is Oily and I got a oily scalp as a bonus. Lucky Me!! :/ So I used Fabindia Mint shampoo after reading many reviews. I bought it and love using it. But in between I got tempted by the Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo bottle, which is Mint in color. Sigh :D It is a good shampoo. The shampoo kept my hair and scalp oil free for  2 days. Also, added volume to hair. So after finishing the first one I repurchased it. Ahh, that's when it lost it's charm. The second time around it made my hair limp and it aided my hair-loss. :(  I though it might be only with me, but no!! My Mom experienced the same.
All in all Good shampoo worked wonders first time and did not the second time around.

Will I repurchase ? Nope :D
Will I recommend? You can give it a try. I mean the first bottle worked for me and it wont hurt the pocket.

4. Diana of London Pro Touch Concealer ( Shade 3 ) .

This is my first concealer. I wanted a concealer under 400 and I got this. It costs 395 INR and I paid 350 INR. This shade is lighter than my skin tone. I do not have severe dark circles, yet after the application, under eye area looked ashy . It might be because it does not match my skin tone. But it worked fine on blemishes. I used it on my chin area and on forehead to brighten the area( Correct me if I am using the wrong terms ). The concealer does stay for around 5-6 hours with powder on top and it did not crease on me. If you want a light to medium coverage for your almost no dark circles ( he he ) you can go for this. I think it can be layered if you find your match, but I can not comment on that since I picked up the wrong shade.

Will I repurchase ? Nope. Not happy with this.
Will I recommend? Nope. The Lakme concealer stick does a better job at 450INR.

Hope to write soon and review a product or rant about me :)

Live Life to the fullest... XOXO SB

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