So ummm you are a Woman right? Why don't you respect other woman?

Take a minute and think " Do women respect other women????" .

I say no. Reason I do not know.

The reason I came up with this post is because of the recent incident in the Gym. Saw a woman gossiping about someone else’s Fuchsia pants. All she said was  is not age appropriate and  bla bla. I am pretty sure the woman does not know what is ALS bucket challenge . Between the Fuchsia pant lady is in her 70's, she is pretty, she has aged  Gracefully, has a sweet smile, she is fit and was wearing well fitted pants with I am guessing Boy shorts. Well on the other hand the complaining lady was wearing Neon green extra small pants with almost visible tight inner-wear. She is not more than 30 but looks older than the graceful lady.

When one is slightly overweight, she will be starred by a woman. Someone is fashionable wearing quirky prints, she is starred by a woman. (Happens to me all the time ). One wears a skirt/ shorts who  has spent countless hours in the gym, is starred by the woman. Daughter in law is fashion forward and works, is put down by the mother  in law. Pretty lady is well groomed and wears make-up to work is criticized by a woman. One comes late to house after the wonderful party, neighbor Aunty chali gossip karne.

I am still trying to figure out the reason. I mean most of the time it is because of jealousy. But hold on a moment jealousy will not give anything. I have heard that jealousy spoils ones health. It's like a bug inside eating your heart and mind. In short it gives you wrinkles and ages you faster than your age :P  Or may be woman think others as their competition.??

What is with the woman. Why can't we respect one another and be like happy.

" I'm not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance." 
                                                                                                                                       - Celine Dion.

I believe in this. I do not want to be better than anybody else but I thrive to be better than me. I feel that I should be better than what I was last year at any given  time/day. Compare yourself with yourself and then you will grow. Remember the fashion blunder you did( Ahh that loose top with loose pant..those unfitted top... OMG!!!).  Now learn from it and pair and wear them right this time. Excel in your work. Develop techniques.

I'll stop ranting here and ask you another question. Take a moment to think.............

If we being woman can't respect another woman, how can we expect a man to respect us???

Live life to the fullest

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